A Week at Public Defender Service in DC

I came into law school completely certain that I was going to be a public service lawyer. I had absolutely zero exposure or experience to public service lawyering, however. Though I had a large collection of community service hours, mostly centered around working with kids in impoverished, inner city communities (my motivation for attending law school), I had never met a public service lawyer before coming to law school, never stepped foot in a public service legal office, and really had no idea what public service lawyering looked like. The only legal experience I had was my summer job at a small intellectual property firm five minutes from my house. It gave me some great legal experience but had almost nothing to do with the kind of legal work I wanted to do. So when I first learned of the opportunity to do pro bono work over spring break of my first year in law school, I could not have signed up quickly enough. The Public Interest Law Association at UVA plans more than a…

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