A “view” from the courtroom: From the Federal Register to the Stanley Cup

Today the Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases, including one in which the justices will have some fun with the Federal Register, the dry, daily publication that lists proposed and final regulations. After arguments, the justices will move immediately to their private conference room, not to discuss cases but to spend a few minutes with the Stanley Cup, the venerable trophy for professional hockey. Glenn L. Hara for respondent (Art Lien) This is a big week for partisan gerrymandering, with the court taking up two cases on the topic on Tuesday. But it is also a big week for administrative law. On Wednesday, the court takes up Kisor v. Wilkie, about whether the justices should overrule two precedents that call for courts to defer to federal agencies’ interpretations of their own regulations. Today’s first case for argument centers on a federal agency’s interpretation of a statute. In PDR Network, LLC v. Carlton & Harris Chiropractic Inc., the…

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