A telecoms blockbuster: Beijing High Court upholds patent injunction in IWNCOMM v Sony

The AmeriKat bundled warmly in blanket of FRAND andSEP injunctions…Miserable, cold and windy.  Another Spring weekend in London.  So if you are looking for something to warm your cockles and put a spring in your step, look no further than China.  Yet again China’s IP system is heating up, most recently with the Beijing High Court's blockbuster decision on patents, FRAND and telecoms injunctions.Tristan Sherliker (Bird & Bird) reports on the recent decision.  Over to Tristan:"A new appeal decision from Beijing upholding the country’s first SEP-based injunction could set the stage for future patent litigation in the telecoms sector and beyond. The April 2018 decision in IWNCOMM v Sony gives insight on how the Chinese legal system interprets FRAND licensing obligations in telecoms cases and gives guidance on how to conduct FRAND negotiations, as well as addressing core issues of indirect infringement.BackgroundIn the last 5…

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