A New Constitution for Cuba–Principles and Reform (Visión hacia el presente y el futuro de la Patria Aspectos principales del Anteproyecto de Constitución)

.The current version of the Cuban Constitution was adopted in 1976 (the first after the 1959 Revolution) and last amended in 2002 (effective the next year). It is a constitution drafted in the fashion of the old Soviet constitutions of the post-Stalin era. But much has changed in the period since the last amendments. Most well known of these changes was the retirement and then death of Fidel Castro Ruz, replaced first by his brother Raul Castro, and thereafter by Miguel Diaz-Canel, who in 2018 assumed the duties of the presidency (though Raul Castro retained his position as first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party) (e.g., here). Less well known have been the great ideological changes that have been developing over the course of the last decade. These have been driven by the PCC and its efforts to reform the political and economic principle sunder which the state is organized and operated. These changes were memorialized in three key documents, the products of the 6th and…

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