A homeowner's responsibilities for injured workers

The subject of injury liability may come into play when someone goes to another North Carolina resident's home to do work or perform a job. If a homeowner hires other people to babysit, clean rooms, mow the lawn, provide repair services or perform other types of labor, they have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for the job. Premises liability pertains to the responsibility that property owners have to provide a safe environment to other people who enter the grounds. When a property owner hires someone to do work, that person is considered an invitee, someone deserving the highest level of protection. Invitees are not only those who are welcome on a property but also those whose presence provides some form of material benefit to the property owner. In addition to tradespeople performing a job, customers at a store are also invitees. Under the law, homeowners have to provide a safe space for the work and warn of any dangers. Of course, homeowners also have…

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