A Good Estate Plan Can Prevent Family Feuds

There are many reasons for a will but avoiding family battles is a really good one. A basic premise in estate planning is that careful thought about what you would like to happen to your assets when you pass away and a good will, can prevent family squabbles, according to Fatherly in “How to Write a Will: 8 Tips Every Parent Needs to Know.” Families fight when they don’t have clear direction of what the deceased wanted. A will is one way to ensure that your property is eventually distributed as you wish. Without a will, your estate is administered as an “intestate estate,” which means the state’s laws will determine who receives your assets after you pass. In some states, that means your spouse gets half of your estate, with your parents getting the rest (if there are no children). If the parents have died and there are no children, the rest of the estate may go to your siblings. Your spouse could end up losing the house. Most…

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