A Few Highlights from FUSE 2018 in NYC

Every time I leave the annual FUSE conference (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) — appropriately dubbed The Event for Design & Brand Strategists, I return home infused with extra creative energy, and this year in New York City was no exception, so please brace yourselves dear readers. Bård Annweiler, Managing Director of Mission, generously provided attendees with an exclusive prelaunch edition of his new book called Point of Purpose: How Purposeful Brands Attract Top Employees, Seduce Customers, & Fuel Profit — I’m looking forward to diving into it. He also shared some interesting insights about different perspectives surrounding brand, noting many law firms seem to equate brand with a logo, while other brand owners aspire for much more, climbing the stairs as an identifier (adidas), a culture (GE), and an experience (Disney): Yes, there are not too many law firms that really understand brand, but are they alone?…

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