A Default Divorce Judgment

Illinois does not want divorce proceedings to be drawn out any longer than they have to be. While the timetable for a divorce case depends on its overall complexity, there are procedural time limits that are strictly enforced. The party petitioning for divorce must file the proper paperwork with the clerk of the circuit court. The clerk will issue a summons, which will then be served upon the defendant. The defendant then has 30 days to file a response to the divorce petition. Failure to respond on time could result in a default judgment against the defendant. Why Is the Response Important in a Divorce Case? A divorce petition makes certain allegations against the other spouse. For example, the petition might claim that the defendant was unfaithful or that he was a bad parent. The response is the other spouse’s first opportunity to contest those allegations. This can affect everything from child custody to child support to maintenance payments. What Is a Default…

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