A Confidential Relationship Existed, But There Was No Undue Influence Of The Decedent By His Daughter

Anthony F. Cordasco and his wife, Louise, were living in a condominium when Louise became ill in late 2012. The Cordascos decided to sell the condominium and move in with their daughter, Roseann Altiero, who agreed to care for Louise. Anthony and Louise signed a listing agreement in January 2013 and placed the condominium on the market. Louise died in February 2013. Soon after Louise’s death, Anthony met with his attorney, John Bellush, who had represented the Cordascos in their original acquisition of the condominium. Bellush also represented Roseann and her husband on several real estate and business matters through the years. Bellush later described Anthony as being in clear control of his own mind and well aware of the transaction he wanted to make. Although Roseann had driven her father to the meeting, Bellush stated she was not present during his discussions with Anthony. Thereafter, Bellush prepared a deed by which Anthony transferred the condominium to his…

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