A Carrier's Economist's take on ObamaCare

[Whew – That title really rolls off the tongue. FoIB and Blue Cross economist Michael Bertaut recently tweeted a series of posts explaining what has gone off the rails, and why. He's graciously granted us permission to post it here as a service to out readers]As an economist for a Blue Plan, I can help; here are some of the impacts of the ACA on our organization and products since passage on 3/23/2010:As an FYI, I've been in my role at at BCBSLA since 2004. Between 2010 and the actual ACA launch, we spent over $100,000,000 in new spending just on compliance work and building the systems to allow us to participate. This is money that could have bought actual health care. Pre-ACA we served an individual market with the following characteristics:125,000 peopleAverage age 36 years51% femaleAverage duration of 47 months [ed: how long folks kept their plans]Average rate of $274/monthAverage annual deductible $750PPO broad networkApplication rejection rate of 0.4% [ed: oh,…

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