9 People Injured in Lake Balboa Roll-over Crash

On Wednesday evening, a car accident in Lake Balboa, a suburb of Los Angeles, resulted in injuries to nine people. The crash occurred at the intersection of Hayvenhurst Avenue and Victory Boulevard around 8 p.m. According to KTLA News, a car collided with an SUV attempting to make a left-hand turn, which caused the SUV to roll. After the cars collided, they struck a Los Angeles Police car that was waiting at the red light. Pictures of the crash showed the cars involved were completely mangled. Officers say it is miraculous all 9 people survived. Six people were in the SUV, including children who were luckily in child car seats that kept them protected. Both officers in the squad car were also injured. All nine people injured in the incident were transported to the hospital with minor to severe injuries. The victims of this car accident likely experienced injuries including whiplash, head, neck, and back injuries, and even broken bones—all common car accident injuries.…

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