86% of Brits Prefer Legal Advice from Humans

Our friends across the pond prefer legal advice from humans, rather than robots. If this holds up globally, perhaps the robopocalypse that is rocking industries will have a softer touch on the legal profession and the fears of many are unwarranted. With LegalTech funding booming and companies adopting robust AI packages covering legal functions, the outcome is not yet clear. Who (or what) can do the job best? “Most British people would rather punt for a lawyer made of flesh and bone than metal and circuits, according to new research. Automation software and technology has become more sophisticated and intelligent in recent years, intensifying the threat to human jobs. But research released earlier this week suggests legal advice may be safe from the tech revolution. The findings — collected by Mindshare and analysed by marketing outfit Reboot — show that a whopping 86% of respondents would prefer to take legal advice from humans over robots.” Read: Fall…

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