8 simple Steps to Form a California LLC (2019)

Unless you’re selling insurance or dispensing a licensed professional service, there’s a way to establish a business that protects your personal assets while avoiding the red tape involved with launching a corporation. It’s the Limited Liability Corporation, also known as an LLC!Here is what you will need to know to form a California LLC:1. Decide on a Company’s Name to form a  California LLCYou’ll want to choose a unique and descriptive designation that’s dissimilar to any that currently exist in California’s database. For an LLC, the name you select must end in one of the following:Limited Liability Company.LLC.L.L.C.You can abbreviate “limited” and “company.” At the same time, your name must not include any of the following words:BankCorporation or CorpIncorporated or IncTrust or trusteeInsurance, insurer or insuredThe submission of a Name Reservation Request form along with a $10 fee will put your choice…

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