5 Ways to Be Safer on Public Wifi

You and I both know its pronounced “Why-Fi,” and not “Whiff-ee”. We live in a time where public wifi is incredibly popular, but did you know the many risks associated with logging on to these public hotspots? You’re out of town visiting a client and have time to kill before your next meeting while at the local coffee shop. You log in to your inbox and all of a sudden your computer crashes. Is it just because you have an old computer, or is it the “trusted public wifi connection”. Cybercriminals like to take advantage of even the tiniest of openings, and within seconds all of your hard work disappears into thin air. “Think about the cost of being connected all the time. Nothing is free,” David Lee, a product manager for Norton, told CNBC. “The biggest threat is your data, traffic, and identity could be completely exposed. Protecting yourself is important and being aware of your surroundings is critical in…

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