5 Tips on How To Sexting To Avoid a Scandal

I greatly admire Jeff Bezos’ business acumen and sales ability. He convinced millions of people, in particular shareholders to keep funding Amazon.com even though it lost money for years. His skills at persuading investors and lawmakers not to overturn a Supreme Court ruling regarding the taxation of out of state Internet purchases is legendary. However, according to the National Enquirer, The Daily Mail, and numerous publications, he wasn’t so brilliant when it came to hiding his digital foot print and ensuring that his sexting wouldn’t end up plastered all over the Internet. If the richest person in the world who happens to also be the CEO of a technology company that focuses on digital tracking doesn’t understand how to hide his sexts from becoming fodder how can the average person expect sexual privacy? When you feel the need to sext, the following digital sexual privacy precautions will help ensure your sexting doesn’t make the front…

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