5 Signs You May Have Salmonella from Pasha Mediterranean Grill

If you are in San Antonio, odds are, you have heard about the Salmonella outbreak linked to Pasha Mediterranean Grill.  What started out with more cases of Salmonella than normal has now skyrocketed into dangerous proportions. And it only is slated to grow more. What was first reported was about 60 cases, rapidly grew to 184 almost overnight. Now that number is over 250 and more calls are expected to come in as the public is made aware of what they may be experiencing is more than the flu. With 12 people hospitalized, it is important for anyone who has eaten at the Wurzbach location and showing symptoms seek medical help immediately. Over 300 calls have made it to the Metro Health Department inquiring about a possible sickness. These people are being referred to their doctors before anything else. Responding with speed and efficiency, Metro Health began investigating the restaurant in question; knowing time can be the most important factor. Due to dangers if left…

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