5 Fantastic Careers to Consider If You Care About Clean Air

(We often hear from young people who want career advice.  Sarah Davies has some interesting suggestions in this post.)Clean water and clean air are vital if we want the next generation of people to be able to truly live. These goals cannot be easily achieved without the passion and dedication of the people who work in the fields that make them possible. If you’re ready to change careers and find a position that engages your environmental concerns, consider working in clean air. 1. Air Pollution Analyst Air pollution analysts get to the root of the problem. Without them, we don’t even know what we’re trying to fix. You’ll collect and analyze air samples, identify the pollutants present in those samples, and figure out where they’re coming from. That information can be used to keep pollutants at a minimum You’ll be able to hold companies accountable if they’re the ones pumping the air full of chemicals, and work…

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