5 essential networking tips for law students

In addition to understanding the area of the law that you’ll specialize in, there are a variety of “soft skills” that will be essential to navigating the practice of law successfully. Your professional skills may need to be further expanded over the coming years as the industry itself changes and stretches, but for now, there are a few tried and true ones you can rely on that will serve you well regardless of where you end up practicing. A law student recently asked his connections on LinkedIn to rank the following five skills in order of importance – networking, presentation skills, business writing, communication, and time management. While we could spend some time debating which of these skills may add the most value to your career, we’ll instead review over a series of posts some of the tips within each of these areas that will be essential, beginning with networking. 1. Have a Plan You may think that because you’re a law student, you…

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