5 Early Warning Signs To Quit Your Job

Early warning signs to quit your job may be so subtle that you miss them. This is especially true if you have drifted into job complacency. As an in-house attorney, you need to remain vigilant in the job market. If you are not, in-house counsel jobs or even general counsel jobs may pass you by unnoticed. “It’s most likely time to leave your job if any, all or some of the following rings true for you: 1) you’re not happy, 2) you’re not learning, stretching yourself and feel bored, 3) you think it’s just easy, 4) you feel golden handcuffed, the money is too good for you to leave, or 5) you don’t see a future (3-5 years) for yourself there. And there’s a way to quit your job so that you walk out the front door instead of slinking out the back. The following exercises will help you shift your thinking so that your exit strategy can become a powerful experience rather than a slow motion trainwreck.” Read: 5 Early Warning Signs It…

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