5 Common Divorce Mistakes

Getting a divorce is a difficult and emotional experience for anyone, but it can become even more stressful if you don’t understand how the divorce process works. To make your divorce more manageable, avoid making these five common divorce mistakes. You Haven’t Separated for At Least One Year North Carolina law requires you to be separated from your spouse for at least one year prior to filing for a divorce. A common misconception is that living in separate bedrooms in the same house counts as being “separated”. It doesn’t. You will need to live in an entirely separate residence from your spouse for a full year, and at least one of you needs to intent to stay separate and apart from the other spouse. If you reconcile with your spouse, the clock will start from zero on the one-year waiting period if you later separate again. 2. Failing to Draft a Separation Agreement A separation agreement is not legally required to be considered separated or to get…

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