$5.2 Million Jury Verdict For Wrongful Death of Patient Who Was Misdiagnosed With Internal Hemorrhoids, Not Colon Cancer

David Robinson, who was in his 30s, found blood in his stool. He went to the office of his primary care physician, Dr. William Elder, where he was seen by a physician assistant, David Lamport. Lamport did a cursory physical examination and diagnosed internal hemorrhoids as the origin of blood in Robinson’s stool. Unfortunately, eight months later, when Robinson’s symptom of blood in his stool persisted, he underwent a colonoscopy, which showed Stage IV colon cancer; it had spread to his liver. In spite of cancer treatment, Robinson died within a year. He had been working in his family business earning approximately $90,000 per year. He was survived by his wife and three young daughters. Robinson’s wife and family sued Lamport, Dr. Elder and their medical group employer claiming liability for Lamport’s choosing not to perform an internal examination or order additional testing such as a colonoscopy to rule out colon cancer. Doctors are generally…

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