40 From 2010: Memory Lane on DuetsBlog

As we approach the end of the year, we thought it might be a good opportunity to take a brief trip down memory lane, to identify, remind you of, and/or introduce you to what appear to be some of the most popular DuetsBlog posts during 2010 (ordered by date, not by popularity): How Realistic is the Risk of Trademark Genericide? Open Source Software in the Cloud Roof Collapse at Mall of America (Field) Iron-clad Liability Protection for Idea Submissions? Get Your Paper Jamz Guitars While You Can When Employees Go Online: The Risks of Social Media to Employers Facebook Needs Dislike Option for Lamebook Shot in the Dark – the PPK Design Trademark The Mark of a Real Trademark Bully Are Georgia-Pacific's Paper Towel Lawsuits All Wet? Collar + Cuffs = Stripper? "Hot Wheels" Casino Promotion: Apparently Not a Toy Story Nominative Fair Use of Trademarks in Domain Names Has The Structure Brand Crumbled? IP Grammar . . . and Those Who Cringe About It World Cup Advertising Creates Trademark Enforcement Work For FIFA Art-ful Disclosure? Retailer Ann Taylor Dodges FTC's First Endorsement Enforcement Bullet One Great Tub Deserves Another Managing The Legal Risk of "Verbing Up" Brands and Trademarks Effective & Ineffective Uses of Popular Music in Advertising Often Imitated, Never Duplicated: The Quizzical Case of Celebrity Look Alikes Droid: An "Eye" Phone? Having Your Head in the Clouds May Not Be Such a Bad Thing After All Best Buy, Resurrected From the Trademark Graveyard? Emoticons as Trademarks Product Packaging Trends: Less is Less Branding in Pop Culture: How Brands Avoid Negative Associations Burlington Coat Factory's Claim of Naked Licensing Is Not A Ploy To Increase Coat Sales Seth Godin on Trademark? Shaun White's Trademark Move Color Trademarks, Red Knobs, and Secondary Meaning A Frisbee By Any Other Name? Super Bowl Advertising: A Super Media Buy? First iPhone, Now iPad: Guessing at Apple's Trademark Clearance Strategy Accenture's New Ad Campaign: Elephants, Frogs, & Tiger, Oh My! Brand Signals: The Building Blocks of Brand Identity Sensory Overload "SWISS": Not a Neutral Mark Protecting Fonts We look forward to continuing our conversation with you during 2011! Happy New Year!

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