4 Tips For Picking A Company Name

  Let’s say you’re a Seattle startup that plans to manufacture and sell hoverboards. You’ve got a business idea, but no name for it. So you gather your team around a whiteboard and start scribbling down potential names. You have a nagging feeling that you’ll need to trademark your name at some point. But you don’t see a reason to call a lawyer just yet—after all, you’re just spitballing here, right?Sure, but before you can spitball productively, you need to understand what kind of name may qualify for trademark protection and how to determine whether the name you have in mind is even available for trademark registration.That’s the focus of today’s post.Your Name Should Be DistinctiveThe key for getting trademark protection for your brand is having an “inherently distinctive” name. The reason for this, in large part, is that the United…

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