4 Things to Know About Exchanging Expert Witness Information

If a party serves a timely demand to exchange expert witness information under CCP §2034.210(a), the exchange becomes mandatory and failure to participate in the exchange will preclude a party from offering expert testimony in the case. Perry v Bakewell Hawthorne, LLC (2017) 2 C5th 536, 543. The exchange of expert witness information has specific requirements that can trip you up. Review these four points and you’ll know what to do. Exchange of expert info must be in writing. The parties’ exchange of expert witness information must be in writing. CCP §2034.260(a). The actual exchange can happen in person between the parties’ attorneys or by service on the other party by any method specified in CCP §1011 or §1013, which includes electronic service, on or before the date of exchange. Info must list the experts or state that you’re not using any. The exchange of expert witness information must include a list of the names and addresses of…

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