308th Divorce Court Houston Texas

Michael Busby The 308th Divorce Court Houston Texas  website may be found here.   You can check on your case at  the district clerks website located at district clerk.  This court is located at 201 Caroline in the New Civil Building on the 8th floor.  The phone number is (713) 274-4600. Practicing law in the 308th Judicial Court of Harris County Texas Judge Lombardo is the presiding judge with Judge Michael Sydow,Jr.  serving as his associate. Judge Sydow replaced Judge Lemkuil who was appointed in 2015 to take over the 507th Harris County District Court.. Uncontested divorces are heard from 8:30 am to 9 am. Docket is called at 9 am. Docket call in this court is rarely, if ever, late.  Mediation is required before all temporary orders hearing and also before final trial. For temporary orders parties are given 45 minutes to present their case.  This court brings cases to trial within 7 months. Hearings in…

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