3 Ways Healthcare & Telemedicine Companies Can Trigger Unlicensed and Corporate Practice of Medicine Legal Tripwires

Introduction This is the typical story of someone who achieves success with a particular therapy—let’s call it Therapy X—and then builds a healthcare business around it, not realizing they are running afoul of unlicensed practice of medicine and corporate practice of medicine (or psychology). Joe Smith plays competitive squash and one day he injures his rotator cuff.  Joe tries everything – medical doctor, osteopathic physician, chiropractor, nurse practitioner who specializes in functional medicine, integrative medicine, his anti-aging medical guru, meditation, Reiki, pranic healing, special herbs and diets and exercises. Nothing really helped. Luckily, Joe found Rick, who worked special healing magic with the aid of a machine, let’s call it Machine X.  Maybe Machine X read Rick’s energy, maybe it transmitted bioelectrical impulses through the meridians, maybe it rotated all his molecules in some proprietary way ……

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