3 Upsides To Life As A Divorced Dad

No one would ever describe divorce as a pleasant experience. Emotionally, it’s grueling. Financially, it can shatter you. It’s among the most stressful life experiences a person can go through. For fathers, divorce can be especially difficult since they are more likely to get the short end of the stick in child custody decisions. That said, despite all the hardships and inconveniences of co-parenting, there are some upsides to the divorced dad life. There are some upsides to the divorced dad life.Click To TweetYou Make The Rules You’re now the head of your household, so when your kids are with you they’ll be living by your rules. Of course, an important part of successful co-parenting is coming to terms on some basic ground rules. You and your ex will want to agree on some important factors such as bed time, when the kids should do their homework, what they should be eating, etc. (After all, you don’t want them scarfing down junk food and staying…

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