3 last-minute keys for acing your law school exams

You’re probably a mere three weeks from your law school exams. So everything you’re reading and doing should be helping you ace your law school examinations. Let me help. Here are three things you can do to ensure you ace your law school exams: Take practice tests One of the suggestions I made in the book, The Law School Hustle, is to take practice tests after your first two weeks of class! But that won’t help you now – you’re three weeks from your final exams, so it’s time to get super strategic. Take practice tests, at least one, in every class, every day leading up to game day (i.e. test day). Now you’re wondering, “Where can I find these practice tests?” Good question. I used Examples & Explanations (E&E) for nearly every subject. I took the E&E practice tests for the subjects that were listed on my course syllabi. And, I took all practice tests under timed conditions. The amount of time you give…

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