3 Common Airbag Malfunctions

Modern cars and trucks are often equipped with safety features designed to keep occupants safe in the event of a collision. These features can include crash avoidance technologies, automatic braking systems, lane departure warnings, and airbags. Airbags are among the oldest and most widely employed of these safety devices. In many cases, airbags significantly reduce the severity of the injuries that would have been sustained by the vehicle occupants had the vehicle not been equipped with airbags. Unfortunately, when airbags malfunction, they can also cause serious injuries that may leave victims with long-term medical issues. Airbags almost always inflate by explosive charges that deploy with significant force. As a result, any malfunction or manufacturing defect has the potential to cause serious injury to vehicle occupants. We've detailed the three most common ways airbags can malfuction. Accidental Deployment Accidental deployment is one of the…

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