2H 2017 & Q1 2018 Quick Links, Part 5: Marketing, Advertising, Retailing

Marketing/Advertising * Washington Post: See the cool kids lined up outside that new restaurant? This app pays them to stand there. * AdWeek: Burger King Dug Up a Bunch of Tweets From People Complaining About Wendy’s and Turned Them Into Ads * NY Times: The Follower Factory * TINA.org: “Since 2011, there have been at least 10 FTC investigations involving social media influencer marketing. In five of these cases, the FTC entered into consent orders with the companies, with one case targeting the company’s marketing agency. Each case resolution required compliance and monitoring from the companies but none required any payment of money to consumers. In the other five cases, the FTC elected not to bring charges against the companies after its investigations. (In its latest action, in April 2017, the FTC sent more than 90 educational letters to social media influencers and marketers concerning their legal disclosure obligations.) To date, no FTC action has been…

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