24th Person Dies From Takata Airbags

The Takata airbag scandal has led to the largest automotive recall in history. The recall already involves millions of vehicles and millions more are expected to be recalled this year alone. The reason behind the recall is because the airbags use a chemical called ammonium nitrate to trigger the deployment of the airbag. This chemical can degrade, a process which happens faster in hot, humid climates. When the degrading process takes place, the airbag can explode with too much force, sending deadly metal shrapnel flying through the vehicle. USA Today reports on another death caused by a Takata airbag, making it the 24th. 55-year-old Armando V. Ortega of Yuma, Arizona, died on June 11, 2018. His death occurred just three days after his 2002 Honda Civic was involved in a crash near Phoenix. According to Honda, the driver was hit by shrapnel from the Takata airbag. Ortega’s death wasn’t reported to a federal agency until this month. It marks the 16th death attributable…

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