2018 Legislature’s Amendments to Homeowners’ Association (“HOA”) Statutes – Chapter 720

On March 23, 2018, Governor Rick Scott approved HB 841/SB 1274 which makes subtle changes to the Homeowners’ Association Act, including Sections 720.303, 720.305, 720.306, and 720.3085.[1]  The amendments are effective July 1, 2018, unless otherwise addressed in the amendment.  This initial article addresses the revisions to Sections 720.303 and 720.306. Notice of Board Meetings With a few exceptions, members of an association have the statutory right to attend all meetings of the board of directors.  See §720.303(2)(a), Fla. Stat. (2017).  The statute also provides the same right to attend the meetings of any “committee or other similar body when a final decision will be made regarding the expenditure of association funds and to meetings of any board or committee vested with the power to approve or disapprove architectural decisions with respect to a specific parcel of residential property owned by a member of the community.” …

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