1201 exemption hearing: filmmaking and ebooks

PROPOSED CLASS 1: Audiovisual Works—Criticism and Comment—E-Books and Filmmaking Michael C. Donaldson, FilmIndependent, International Documentary Association, Kartemquin Educational Films, Inc., Independent Filmmaker Project, University of Film and Video Association, The Alliance for Media Arts+Culture (“Joint Filmmakers”): Discusses use of film as fair use in other films, even nondocumentaries (like Jersey Boys).  Question: is that criticism & commentary? [My answer would have been yes, and that the Jersey Boys court didn’t need to reach that specifically because fair use is more capacious, but historical verification and contextualization certainly counts as commentary for purposes of fair use.]  Answer: Yes, the exception is more limited than fair use but we will work with our clients to come within its confines.  [CO questioner seems focused on commentary; says Register said previously that developing a character/situation…

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