1 million followers: Understanding social media influencer agreements

Social media influencer marketing grew by 198% last year and is expected to skyrocket in 2018. According to a recent report, 1,504,383 Instagram posts were tagged with the term #ad in 2017. As more and more brands build their social media presence (96% of U.S. fashion brands are now on Instagram), they are relying on social media influencers to bring awareness to their various products. What are social media influencers and what is social media influencer marketing? It’s simply a modern form of advertising called “influencer marketing,” which allows for so-called influencers – users who have a large following on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat – to partner with brands that are in sync with their lifestyles. Influencers can be fitness gurus, gaming addicts, beauty bloggers, fashionistas, foodies, travel experts, etc. They offer an authentic presence on social media based on their copious number of…

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