You Can Create a Pet Trust – Just Like the One For Choupette

According to multiple news sources, when the creative director and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld died on February 19, 2019, he left his famous cat, Choupette, a significant amount of money in trust.Pet trusts are now quite common, and specifically authorized by statute in most jurisdictions.  Many people consider pets as a part of the family, and want them to be cared for as such.  A pet trust can provide money to pay for a caregiver, food, pet supplies, and a veterinarian.  It can also provide a place for your pet to live (or board), and in the case of Choupette, a personal chef.Most estate planning attorneys who create pet trusts will provide a check and balance on the trustee, the caregiver, and the remainder beneficiary.  In other words, we do not recommend that the person in charge of caring for the pet be the one managing the money and the ultimate remainder beneficiary when the pet dies, as this would create a perverse incentive for the…

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