Worldox Glossary of Terms

As a Worldox consultant, I often get asked about what certain terms mean on the platform. Instead of keeping all this knowledge to myself, I’ve decided to compile a list of the most common terms in Worldox. Whether you’re a frequent Worlddox user or just learning the software this glossary is here to help. Glossary of Basic Worldox Terms Bookmarks: These are shortcuts to saved searches, folders, or specific lists of documents What are bookmarks useful for? Just like bookmarks in your web browser, it’s a fast way to navigate to a custom list. Tip: You can bookmark Favorites: Worldox makes this a bit confusing, but if something shows on your favorites and you did not actively put it there, then you can think of it as recent. However, if you actively put something your favorites, then you can think of it as a “bookmark.” But don’t call it that because in Worldox a bookmark is another thing. What can you use favorites for? Many people work…

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