Witness the Chickness

Here is a lot of chickness. Witness it. Chick light beer is brewed and bottled by Minhas Craft Brewery of Monroe, Wisconsin. The website explains that Chick Beer is: "The beer for women. A premium light American lager, Chick is the only beer brand designed for women, who drink 25% of all beer sold in the U.S." Over on the right is Skinnygirl which of course is Tequila with natural flavors. Forbes says Beam paid Bethenny Frankel an "eyebrow-singeing $100 million" for the brand a few months ago: That deal, which features a multi-year payout along with sales from her ever-expanding line of Skinnygirl products, bolstered Frankel's bank account by an estimated $55 million in the past 12 months, according to sources close to Frankel (she won't comment on the numbers); TV, we figure, earned her a mere $700,000. The Chick has about 97 calories per 12 ounces of beer, according to the label. And the Skinnygirl has about the same number of calories, per 4 ounces. Neither appears to have any fat. Related Posts: Punk Bubbles: Do You Prefer the 2004 Stench, or Filth? (2) Pink Triangles, Beer, a Bottle of Pride (1) Not Your Wife's Spritzer (2)

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