Why Write About Men's Rights Issues?

A lot of people are pissed off at my posts about men's rights, and yet none of their anger is based in logic. I have invited my critics to guest blog – like me, under their real names. No one seems interested. Some wonder, however, why I write about these issues. After all, doesn't it just cause me drama? There are two primary reasons why I write about misandry. The first is annoyance. I am so fucking sick of hearing women talk about "little dick" cars, or saying a guy who buys a Porsche is having a mid-life crisis. The cosmetics market is $50 billion a year. The plastic surgery market is $15 billion a year. How many starving children could female vanity feed? Women are 90% of the plastic surgery market. In addition to surgery, American women spend billions more on cosmetics, make-up, tanning beds, hair color, and perfume. So it gets pretty fucking tiring hearing women with fake tits in their chests and Botox on their foreheads who had fat sucked out of their waistlines talk shit on men who want a nice car. Secondly, I hate bullies. I was bullied as a child, and for me, I'll always be half fat bullied kid, half bad-ass. I've never fully embraced the man I've become, and that's wonderful, because it leaves me with the weakness to empathize with suffering, along with the strength to attack those who cause suffering. The cunts who claim misandry is a myth are bullies. They scream, whine, and cry to get their ways. But they using bullying tactics nevertheless. I can't be bullied. The major attacks on men's rights bloggers have nothing to do with the men's actual arguments. Instead, we hear that men's rights advocates are fat, frustrated, bitter, and failures with women and life. Many guys who write about these issues are indeed fat and frustrated. Yet how does that make their arguments irrelevant? It's no secret what I look like or who I am. What I've accomplished personally and professionally aren't mysteries. None of the women who talk shit on me would ever find themselves in my bed. They are fat, marginal, and irrelevant. No one can claim I'm a bitter loser who is a failure with women. I am unimpeachable. Writing about these issues and witnessing the cunty things women say about men has only focused my worldview. The hatred of men goes far deeper than I ever imagined. I am going to focus more on men's rights issues, and am starting a serious work on the issue.

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