Why Do I Love My Bankruptcy Clients So Much?

Well, for one thing, they were smart enough that when they were contemplating bankruptcy, they were able to find a supportive, non-judgmental, experienced, board-certified, AV Rated Bankruptcy Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona to help them with their bankruptcy filing. But she was too busy, so they decided to use me instead. And besides, they generally laugh at my dumb bankruptcy jokes, and I like that. But one reason that I love them is that it's not very easy to think about filing a bankruptcy. In fact, it's so painful and frightening that some potential debtors put it off for decades too long. And only when they've burned through the very last penny in their savings are they willing to consult with an Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney. There's also this: I love it that my clients come to visit me from Scottsdale, and Mesa, and Chandler, and Gilbert, and Paradise Valley, and gas costs money! And they come to visit anyway, and I always like to talk to them. But the primary reason I respect most of my clients so much is that they are often deathly afraid of what a bankruptcy may involve for them or their small business, and they find the courage to talk to me anyway. I give 'em lots of brownie points for that. And just about every week, somebody will break down and sob like a baby in my office, which is why I've got the tissues on my desk. Even if it's painful, my clients come to terms (it doesn't mean they like it, of course) with the Arizona Exemption Statutes and the Federal Exemptions that we get to use in Arizona, and they know their options when they own an asset that's not exempt. And I love 'em because they understand that I can't make 'em happy through the entire painful process (remember, even a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may stay open for five long years while the trustee "works the case", and that's a long time; nobody I know is consistently happy over five years, and sometimes that frustration boils over; it just happens, and I understand that). But I guess I love it the best that I sometimes get emails from my clients who've made it over to the other side, and are enjoying their life after bankruptcy! I'll put a few of 'em here when I get a…wait for it…Round Tuit.

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