Who is Merpel?

The IPKat has been receiving quite a bit of correspondence about, and in several instances, addressed to, Merpel. He therefore feels obliged to set the record straight. Merpel's full name is Merpel McKitten and she is very much a female. She has been adding her own pithy comments to those of the IPKat since 2004. While the IPKat is a fairly simple soul, who (unless he is having one of his occasional rants) is generally quite pleased with the world and everything in it, Merpel has a much more sly and cynical side to her; she's also prone to make the occasionally provocative or mischievous pronouncement. She is empowered to post her own blogs but is generally far too busy enjoying life to bother doing so; one of her favourite occupations is to sit at the IPKat's shoulder while he is blogging, pointing out spelling errors and telling him where he's just plain wrong. There are a number of Kats on this blogging team whose roles are quite human-specific. Thus the AmeriKat is always Annsley, while Matt the Kat and Cat the Kat are always Matt and Catherine respective. However, Merpel is not the pseudonym of any particular member of the blog team: she is a common resource and can be given voice by any one of us. Oh, and one more thing: Merpel and the IPKat are just good friends … You can write to Merpel at merpel.mckitten@gmail.com

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