Where is all my child support truly going?

If you are a divorced father paying child support for your kids, chances are good that, at times, you may have questioned whether or not 100 percent of your support money was going toward expenses solely dedicated to your children. This can become a bone of contention between divorced spouses due to some common misconceptions about child support. Can my ex pay her bills with the kids' support? A custodial parent cannot use the children's support money to pay for personal expenses, such as clothing, manicures or a night out on the town, for instance. But your ex is within her rights to use all or part of the child support to cover the rent or mortgage payments, utilities, cable or internet services and many additional expenses. Here's an example — In Southern California, it's exceedingly difficult to manage without access to a reliable vehicle. So, if necessary, your ex may use the child support you pay to augment her car payment, auto insurance,…

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