When Your Child Refuses to Visit the Other Parent

When you are divorced, one of the most difficult adjustments to have is the custody of your children. Custody is always up to the family court. As long as there is no violence, abuse, or any form of negligence was brought to the child, visitation rights will be awarded to the other parent who does not have the primary custody of the child. It is also beneficial to both of the parents if they share child support, not just financially but also emotionally. But, what if your child, who is under your primary custody, refuses to visit the other parent? Understanding What is the Problem There are a number of factors affecting the sentiments of the child towards the other parent. One thing to be considered is age. Most of the time, 4-year old kids can be dealt with easily compared to your 16-year old child. Teenagers have a different way of thinking. Sometimes, they just prefer hanging around with friends than with their parents. This age bracket is also prone to…

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