When will an annulment be granted?

A judicial decree of annulment is a declaration that a marriage never existed. There are a number of reasons why a judge may grant an annulment but this is disfavored by judges who prefer to grant parties a divorce.A marriage requires two competent people to go through a wedding ceremony performed by a person who is vested with the power to marry people. The formalities of a wedding require the parties to create a contract between and to comply with all state requirements. An annulment can be granted if no valid contract was created at the time of the marriage ceremony or if there was a failure to meet certain state requirements. Not every failure to comply with state procedures will permit an annulment and, in some instances, the conduct of the parties over a period of time could result in ratification of the marriage thereby making the marriage valid. An annulment can be granted if there was a lack of consent to the marriage, or a legal impediment to the marriage.A lack…

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