When is the Best Age to Sell Your Business and Retire?

The question of when to retire isn’t always an easy one for people to answer and it’s all the more complex for business owners. Whereas most people can, health-permitting, choose a time frame for retirement, business owners will want to sell their business as part of the switch over, meaning it’s not their decision alone. For this reason, the decision should be one that business owners begin making plans several years before it happens. The first step is to choose an age, or a predicted event in the future (the start of a pension, for example) and then subtract five years. Assuming you do this, your decision looks something like the four-square matrix below. The four squares of the matrix represent different relationships between time and value from the business owner’s perspective, with the X-axis representing time and the Y-axis representing value. T represents a notional age at which the business owner has in mind for a sale, and the X-axis also…

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