What’s Vibrational Therapy, and How Can It Help People with Cerebral Palsy?

Many people with cerebral palsy (CP) benefit greatly from physical therapy, which can improve functions such as strength and flexibility, and decrease negative symptoms such as pain. However, people with very severe motor and/or cognitive problems may be unable to follow instructions and perform voluntary exercises. This limits their treatment options outside of pharmacological and surgical approaches. Patients with cerebral palsy, especially those who are severely affected, may benefit from vibrational therapy as a complement to more ‘traditional’ therapies and treatments.   What Is Vibrational Therapy? Vibrational therapy, or VT for short, involves mechanical oscillations, which indirectly stimulate neuromuscular structures. There are two main categories of VT: focal vibration and whole-body vibration. As the names suggest, focal vibration can be targeted to a specific area, while the signals in whole-body vibration are indirectly transmitted throughout the…

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