What's The Market Like? Not as Good As it Seems

Recent reports suggest the economy is picking up steam even though it is not yet fully reflected in the job market. In terms of economic growth, America outpaces all the other G7 nations except Canada. However, when it comes to adding back jobs, America is the weakest. That's not good new for job seekers. While there has been some improvement, it has been relatively modest. The jobs are not yet back. During the recession, businesses looked for ways to increase efficiency and productivity. U.S. productivity, or output per worker, doubled in both of the past two years. In other words, the "doing less with more" is still the norm, and we are not seeing many changes there. Lawyers are no exception to this rule, especially in-house lawyers, who unlike their law firm counterparts are still viewed as "overhead." Where are the in-house jobs? There are a handful of in-house jobs out there, but the job recovery is still in hibernation. This has affected recruiters as well. Fewer jobs in general have also meant fewer job orders for recruiters. And in a market where candidates are deemed plentiful, companies are trying their luck at hiring directly. Of course, what they are experiencing is a pure deluge of applications, and trying to sift through all the resumes to find the gold nugget is no easy tasks. If you are an employer, then expertise, time, and resources you can gain from using recruiters can prove very valuable – they can not only triage quickly, but also go straight to your target. If you are a candidate, chances are most recruiters will not be helpful to you these days. Why? Not because they do not want to help you. They simply do not have the jobs for you. At the end of the day, this is why you are contacting them in the first place. Therefore, if you are a job seeker, networking still remains your best option. If a recruiter has something for you, the good ones will always be able to find you.

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