What Your Invoice Tells About Your Divorce Lawyer’s Hourly Charges

There are two divorce lawyers. Lawyer A charges 300$ per hour, while Lawyer B charges 400$ per hour. Say, you hired Lawyer A for your divorce and then called him to talk about the hearing schedule and the call took three minutes. When you received your bills, you saw that he charged you 60$ for that short call. On the other hand, if you hired Lawyer B instead of A, called for three minutes to talk about the case, you will be charged you 40$.  Isn’t Lawyer A supposed to be the less expensive option? And Lawyer A should have charged you $15.00, and Lawyer B $20.00? There must be some error in the numbers, right?  Well, the figures speak the truth. Here’s why: Lawyers charge by the hour. Such hourly rates depend on many factors such as but not limited to the latter’s experience, work location or good reputation. However, when the service they provided or work they performed is less than an hour, say three minutes, that is where the other math…

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