What To Look For In A Florida Cruise Ship Injury Attorney

From the moment you book a cruise, your head is filled with visions of the good times ahead. Images of sun, fun, relaxing, and shore excursions in exotic ports will get you through the time between booking and departure. The one thing most people never envision when daydreaming about their vacation, however, is an injury, but accidents happen all the time on cruise ships! Just a second of inattention or a sudden roll of the waves and you could be hurt by simply walking around on board the ship, not to mention the accidents that can occur while on shore excursions.

In the case of accidents, the cruise lines have many restrictions about how a cruise ship injury should be handled. You’ve probably never noticed the seven to ten pages worth of restrictions that come with your cruise ship tickets, or the limitations and requirements that someone must follow if they are involved in a cruise ship accident or injury.  Often, people think they can handle their injury claim by themselves, but unless you are someone who is very familiar with various state, federal and maritime laws that may apply in cruise ship accident claims, it is extremely easy to lose your rights to make a claim.

If you are involved in an injury or accident while on your cruise, do yourself a favor and hire an experienced Florida cruise ship injury attorney. Not just any attorney will do either, due to the aforementioned complex laws that apply to cruise ship accident claims.

Be sure to:

What should an experienced Florida cruise ship injury attorney be familiar with regarding injuries and accidents on cruise ships? They should know about:

So, dream away about that upcoming vacation, but don’t take chances with a claim should you be injured while on your cruise. Make sure you have an experienced Florida cruise ship injury attorney on your side.

For more information, contact cruise ship accident lawyer Joseph M. Maus at 1-866-556-5529 or email him today. Mr. Maus provides a free, no obligation consultation to answer your questions and help you determine if you have a claim against your cruise line. He is an experienced Florida cruise ship injury attorney who has handled thousands of claims ranging from slip and trip and falls, sexual assault, cruise ship viruses and violations of safety and cleanliness standards, injuries during onshore excursions, and many other types of claims which are related to cruise ships.   His office handles claims on a contingent basis which means there are no attorney’s fees charged unless a recovery is made on your behalf. Mr. Maus is licensed to practice throughout the State of Florida, in the Southern and Middle Districts of the United States District Court, and is licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court and is an “AV” rated by Martindale Hubbell, the highest legal ability rating awarded, and the highest ethical rating awarded to attorneys.

South Florida Attorney Joseph M. Maus and Associates has been helping victims of injuries and accidents for close to 17 years. The firm prides itself on having the resources and experience of the largest state-wide law firms, yet providing individualized attention to each and every client.

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