What to Do If You Believe Your Spouse Is Spying on You

You have the right to privacy. If you are going through a divorce and suspect you have no privacy because your soon to be ex is spying on you, there are ways you can stop this behavior. Regardless of whether you are trying to hide something or not, a spying partner can cause complex issues in a divorce. Why Does Spying Occur? There are a variety of reasons your soon to be ex may spy on you. If they believe you are cheating on them, they will likely snoop. Your soon to be ex may also spy in order to find out how you spend your time, who you associate with, and how you are spending money. Most of the time, spying occurs to gather evidence that can be used against a spouse in court. If your spouse finds information that could hurt your case and reveals it at court but hides the evidence, they may significantly hinder your case. Ways to Protect Yourself from Spying If you believe your soon to be ex spouse is spying on you, you should take action right away in order to protect…

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