What to do about mediocre first-semester law school grades

If you just received your first-semester grades and are wondering whether you’re going to survive law school, I’m sympathetic. I’ve been in your position. My first-semester law school grades were my lowest. They weren’t terrible, but they weren’t what I wanted or expected from myself either. And I’ve done what you want to do—my grades steadily improved. And despite my less-than-amazing first semester grades, I still made law review and still graduated in the top 10 percent of my class. So don’t despair—all hope is not lost. But you’ve got some work to do. Read on for my tips and suggestions to learn from your first-semester mistakes. First, be thoughtful about what went wrong. You may already know some of the areas that need improvement. You may have left your first-semester exam rooms knowing you were woefully underprepared and had only a cursory understanding of the material. Maybe you realize that you procrastinated…

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